Friday, April 20, 2012

New finds: Vaporizer.

I am fond of watching cooking shows because it helps me to learn about food and diverse breed of cuisines. I must say, otherwise, every single detail about food and cooking that can only be presented in some sort of shows. Can you agree with me? Yes? Yes.

So whenever I watch a cooking show I never fail to notice a special kind of something that is really new for me. Like hookah, commonly known as shisha.

Hookah is a pipe through which the water moves. I tried it once after I graduated college. That was not too long ago. I and friends dine at some bistro where they had "it." Out of curiosity, I made the effort to try and it really interest' me. And so, I search it on the web till I saw this vaporizer pipe.

Vaporizer, on the whole, is a tool that is designed for extracting flavors of the ingredients like herbs and blends, and that, will turn these zests into aromatic fragrant.

In all probability, this is one technique used by many chefs in their food preparations, with no overly cooking, and without dropping the trace. While others, uses this as a way of life. As in, aromatherapy. How cool is that?

Nonetheless, I’m thinking sometimes, I must really be extra observant so I would be able to discover a new thing that I can share with the readers of this blog.  Right. :)

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